Partnerships and collaborations
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Glycostem approaches collaborations and licensing deals with the aim of addressing the needs and aligning the contributions of both partners. The ultimate goal for our team is to define the combined strengths of such partnerships to create promising therapeutics which lead to better outcomes for people suffering from cancer.

Harboring sound scientific, clinical and product development knowledge we lay the groundwork for identifying and evaluating appropriate partners whose assets and expertise present a beneficial and complementary asset to our company expertise.

We build bridges and maintain close relationships with our partners. Over the entire lifecycle of each project, our team of experts provides continuous support across all functions and ensures that respective tasks are performed to the highest standards possible and that the partnership is evolving to the full satisfaction of both parties.

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Established in 1817 by King William I of the Netherlands, Ghent University is a public research university located in Ghent, Belgium. Glycostem and Ghent University entered into license agreement for innovative NK cell production technology. The agreement opens up new opportunities for development of NK-antibody combination therapies but also has significant positive impact on the production time of Glycostem’s lead product oNKord® and its second (CAR-NK) and third (TCR-NK) generation therapies – viveNKTM. Read further

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Zelluna Immunotherapy, a biopharma company developing T-cell receptor(TCR) guided adoptive cell therapy products for the treatment of multiple solid cancers, and Glycostem Therapeutics have entered into a development, license and supply agreement. This collaboration will focus on the development and manufacture of allogeneic TCR guided NK cell therapies (TCR-NK’s) for the treatment of patients with cancer. Read further


LUMICKS has entered into a collaboration with Glycostem Therapeutics, the Netherlands, to improve immunotherapeutic drug development. By quantifying binding strength between immune and cancer cells using the unique z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, Glycostem exploits the predictiveness of avidity in finding the best NK-cell population for cellular therapy.  Read further


Co-development and Commercialization agreement – Two agreements have been signed with a Korean pharmaceutical company inno.N. The objective of both agreements is treatment of hard-to-treat cancers through the use of non-manipulated and genetically manipulated Natural Killer cells(NK cells). The collaboration will focus on two activities: An exclusive commercialization agreement for oNKord® for Korea and Japan and a co-development agreement for a CAR-NK product for  which the  undisclosed  Korean  pharmaceutical  company has global commercialization rights. Read further

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Phio Pharmaceuticals has entered into a research collaboration with Glycostem Therapeutics to explore the potential synergies of using Phio's self-delivering RNAi technology (sd-rxRNA®) in combination with Glycostem's proprietary Natural Killer cell (NK cell) generation technology (oNKord®) to develop cellular immunotherapies for cancer treatment with enhanced efficacy and/or safety. Read further


Two innovative Dutch SME's active in Life Sciences, Glycostem and ENPICOM, have been granted their joint MIT Zuid R&D partnership subsidy. The aim of the collaboration is to develop technology to predict the outcome of an NK-cell-based immunotherapy treatment in patients with incurable locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors, for which there is no standard therapy. Read further


Eurostars has awarded, through a highly-competitive selection process, the Project “A novel modified natural killer (NK) cell immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumors” –MODIFY-NK. The consortium composed of Glycostem Therapeutics BV (The Netherlands), YUMAB GmbH (Germany), Explicyte (France) and OZ Biosciences SAS (France) will deliver a novel cell-based therapy to treat solid tumors with chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) expressing allogeneic (i.e. from a patient independent donor) natural killer (NK) cells. Read further

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Marie Curie Mature-NK program - Glycostem participates in MATURE-NK with 12 other European academic institutions and companies, funded with 3.51 million Euro by the EU Horizon 2020. Glycostem is part of a consortium, led by Prof Ulrike Köhl from Leipzig, that will work on developing novel methods to manufacture tumor reactive NK cells. The consortium consists of nine academic centers covering basic and translational research, as well as 3 leading biotech companies (Innate Pharma, Miltenyi and Glycostem) and Fraunhofer IZI as a world leading research institute. Read further

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Autolomous Ltd is a leading edge developer of innovative digital solutions for manufacture of advanced medicines. Autolomous will be implementing the AutoloMATE platform to meet the needs of Glycostem’s allogeneic NK-cell manufacturing process. Driving efficiency throughout the capturing / review and release of manufacturing data. Leveraging leading edge technologies such as distributed ledger technologies, IoT and AI. Read further