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Glycostem is focused on the development of first and second generation stem cell-derived Natural Killer cells (NK cells) as a therapeutic asset in the fight against cancer. NK cells are the new star in the domain of cellular immunotherapy, due to their tightly regulated “natural killing” of cancer cells. NK cells play an important role in control and even cure of both solid and hematological malignancies, like acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and multiple myeloma (MM). When the cells of a patient’s immune system are not strong enough to fight cancer cells, the infusion of NK cells collected from a donor may contribute to a better response by the patient's immune system.

Thanks to its nine patent families, longstanding technical expertise and resources, as well as Orphan Drug Designation, Glycostem has secured a leadership position in the global NK cell market.

Our assets

Glycostem has developed two important assets:

Closed production system for allogeneic cellular immunotherapy

Our proprietary closed production system for allogeneic cellular products allows us to select and significantly increase the number of NK and CAR-NK cells (up to 50,000-fold) without the need for feeder cells. There are a number of advantages associated with this asset. 

  • NK cells can be manufactured to stock making; i.e. our products are off-the-shelf.
  • The investment in establishing a cleanroom (class C) is significantly reduced.
  • The ongoing cost of cleaning and maintaining a class-C cleanroom versus class A/B are also significantly reduced.
  • GMP license obtained in June 2019 and and certificate in November 2021
NK cell platform

Glycostem's NK cell platform is currently protected by nine patents. It allows us to produce unmodified NK cells for treatment of liquid and solid cancers. It furthermore allows us to develop a range of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-engineered NK products which will focus the therapeutic effect on specific targets (cancers) or allow for genetically enhanced cells to be developed.


Pivotal clinical trials

During our phase I safety study we verified our lead  product oNKord®  (unmodified NK cells) to be a safe therapeutic agent in the field of cellular immunotherapy. Currently we are developing our second product: CAR-engineered NK cells. This second-generation product has dedicated functionality, enhances tumor targeting and prolongs persistence. We are currently initiating pivotal clinical trials for oNKord® in:

  • AML (phase I/IIa)
  • MM (phase IIa)

The organization

Over the last decade Glycostem has extensively studied the role of NK cells in cancer treatment and pioneered, developed and optimized our in-house NK cell production processes. A growing number of commercial and academic partners have chosen Glycostem because of our expertise with NK cells and their production.

Our organization is guided by a highly experienced Management Team and Board of Directors and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes renowned experts in the field of innovative cancer therapeutics.

Moreover, Glycostem is supported by a strong scientific network of academic and pharmaceutical partnerships. Our research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities are located in Pivot Science Park in Oss, the Netherlands.

We are pleased to have been supported over the long term by a number of professional investors.

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