Glycostem signs first commercial agreement for oNKord® and new CAR-NK co-development agreement

11th September 2019 - Glycostem Therapeutics BV, a clinical stage and leading NK cell company, today announced the signing of a two agreements with an undisclosed Korean pharmaceutical company.The objective of both agreements is treatment of hard-to-treat cancers through the use of non-manipulated and genetically manipulated Natural Killer cells (NK cells).

The collaboration will focus on two activities:

  1. An exclusive commercialisation agreement for oNKord®(non-manipulated NK cells and Glycostem’s lead product) for Korea and Japan against down and milestone payments; and
  2. A co-development agreement for a CAR-NK product (genetically manipulated NK cells, target not disclosed) for which the undisclosed Korean pharmaceutical company has global commercialisation rights.

Glycostem brings its extensive expertise and experience with NK cells and their state-of-the-art GMP licensed production facility into this collaboration.

Troels Jordansen, CEO of Glycostem said “We have spent quite some time in Asia and it is generally accepted that they are pioneers in the field of cellular immunotherapy. That’s why we are very excited to be working closely with our Korean partners to make available safe, cost effective and highly potent cellular immunotherapy products for patients in Asia and across the world.