Photo Anna-Maria Georgoudaki Anna-Maria Georgoudaki
Sr. R&D Manager

Anna joined Glycostem in October 2020 as R&D Manager and team lead for pre-clinical explorations of the anti-tumor efficacy and modes of action employed by Glycostem’s NK cell immunotherapy product, oNKord, against a wide spectrum of cancer indications. 
Since January of 2023, Anna is Sr. R&D manager and team lead for the combination therapy program and more recently also the CAR-NK program at Glycostem. She is also responsible for pre-clinical in vivo safety and pharmacology studies. 
Previously, Anna performed her PhD at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, exploring new targets in the tumor microenvironment and more specifically on antibody-based re-polarization of tumor-associated macrophages. Anna worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Rockefeller University, as an assistant research scientist at Nova Southeastern University and as a research associate at Karolinska Institutet, before joining Glycostem. She has broad experience in immunobiology and cancer immunotherapy, including NK cell genetic modification and adoptive NK cell therapy, antibody generation and engineering for targeted cancer immunotherapy, xenograft oncology model establishment and tumor microenvironment immunomodulation.