Photo Monica Raimo Monica Raimo
Sr. R&D Manager

Monica Raimo is a Senior R&D manager at Glycostem Therapeutics, which she joined in 2018. In her role, she oversees process development for Natural Killer cell therapies, as well as the development of clinically compliant genetic modified strategies, and how to leverage “omics” studies for the generation of cell therapies. 
Before joining Glycostem, she was a scientist at InteRNA Technologies, working in the development of non-coding RNA therapeutics. Previously, she obtained a PhD in Molecular Oncology from the University of Turin, Italy, understanding the molecular mechanisms driving metastatic progression of melanoma and breast cancer. Raimo has contributed to patent applications in the field of stem and NK cell ex vivo culture and genetic engineering, and has published scientific articles in the field of cancer biology and immunology, non-coding RNAs, NK cell therapies and bioinformatics.