Jan 2023 Jan Spanholtz PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jan Spanholtz initiated Glycostem's research in its start-up phase in 2007 and is currently its Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Spanholtz has over 15 years of expertise in research on stem cell biology and immunology at universities and within biotech companies. He is the author of various peer-reviewed research articles and inventor of Glycostem's proprietary technology platform to generate oNKord® from umbilical cord blood stem cells. For Glycostem, he has set up and managed several national and international collaborations and spearheaded the clinical translational efforts of Glycostem's NK-cell product, oNKord®. Spanholtz developed the core IP strategy for Glycostem as inventor of the feeder cell-free NK-cell culture method from cord blood stem cells: a synthetic culture medium for NK-cells. He was also part of several other patent applications in the field of stem cell research.