Glycostem and Phio team up

28th March 2019 - Phio and Glycostem to Collaborate on Use of its sd-rxRNA® platform and Glycostem's oNKord® Cell Therapy Products for the Next Generation of Natural Killer Cell-based Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment

Glycostem partners with Marie Curie

December 2018 - Glycostem is proud to be commercial partner in the Marie Curie “Mature-NK” programme. The funding for the CAR-NK technology will be well invested.

Glycostem technology is awarded research grant

December 2018 - Together with Enpicom Glycostem has been awarded funding to develop cancer prediction tool for an area without standard therapy.

Eurostars Granted Project

16th May 2018 - Eurostars, a  European  joint  programme,  co-funded  from  the  national  budgets  of  several EUREKA countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020 has awarded,through a highly-competitive  selection  process,the  Project  “A  novel  modified  natural  killer  (NK)  cell immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumour

Glycostem Clinical Data Recap

January 2018 - In August of 2017, Clinical Cancer Research published a report on the positive outcome of Glycostem’s NK-killer cells phase I clinical trial, which was carried out at Radboud University Center in the Netherlands.

Lupus Ventures Takes Stake in Glycostem

December 2017 - Netherlands-based Lupus Ventures has invested €3 million in Glycostem, furthering the company’s expansion and ongoing technological development. Glycostem will channel this funding primarily to production optimisation and automation.