Glycostem welcomes Dr Rizwan Romee as US based advisor

12th September 2019 - Glycostem Therapeutics BV, a clinical stage and leading NK cell company,today announced to have welcomed Rizwan Romee, MD, associate professor at Harvard Medical School/Dana Faber Cancer Institute as member of Glycostem’s advisory Board.

Dr Rizwan Romee said “I have been aware of Glycostem’s advances in the field of NK cells and we share the passion and belief that NK cells has a natural place in the treatment of cancers. I am looking forward to be working with the successful team at Glycostem to advance NK cells in the field of cancer in the USA and beyond.

Troels Jordansen, CEO said “We are delighted to welcome Dr Rizwan Romee to our Advisory Board where he will join a distinguished group of advisors.Dr Romee’s keen interest and belief in NK cells will be very useful when Glycostem turns its attention to the US market for commercialisation and co-development partners for CAR-NK products. This also goes for our discussions with the FDA on our lead product oNKord® (non-manipulated NK cells).

RizwanRomee,MD works as associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School/Dana Farber Cancer Institute since March’18. Before this Dr Romee received his MD from Govt. Medical College Srinagar, India in 2003. He completed his post graduate training and haematology/oncology fellowship at University o fMinnesota in 2011. He did his post doctoral training in Dr Jeffry S. Miller’s laboratory at University of Minnesota followed by advanced BMT fellowship and post-doctoral trainingin DrTodd Fehniger’s laboratory at Washington University School of Medicine in 2012. At Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and Harvard Medical School, Dr Romee’s goal is to expand the use of NK cell based studies in patients with advanced hematologic malignancies and also to test them in combination with other novel agents to potentially further enhance their anti-tumour activity